Saturday, January 5, 2013

Windows/The Swirl


A window is a plate of glass

Through which the rays of light may pass.

A window should be sparkling bright

Not impeding any light.

But please, inventors, turn your minds

To windows of inventive kinds......

Windows that don't streak and smear

Whenever visitors appear!

Windows that don't shine in the morning,

And then, by noon, without much warning,

As the sun adjusts its rays

And beams on us in different ways,

Suddenly develop greasy spots,

That tie good housewives up in knots!

If I don't dust a ledge or shelf

(And sometimes I can't help myself)

For days and days or even weeks,

It's quite demure about its streaks.

It's layers of dust don't hit the eye

And one can easily pass them by.

But dirty windows scream and shout

And visitors know what  it's all about.....

I feel demeaned, I feel disgraced.

My humiliation can't be faced.

Please, inventors, do your best!

I want visitors to be impressed.

Streakless glass is what we need.

That would be a boon indeed.

Lincoln Harrison


Leave the camera lying there

Right through an Australian night,

Focussed on the Outback stars,

So brilliant and so bright.

Let it click and click and click

Steadily and slow

And then the finished picture

Will very surely show

The movements of the stars....

But wait!  The stars are set in place!

It  is the world that's running

A never-ending race!

Round and round the camera goes

Riding our little ball.

The stars, which make the patterns.....

They haven't moved at all!

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