Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spider's Web/Domain



One day we'll learn the secret

Of the web, that work of art

Which has a wily spider

Waiting, lurking,  at its heart.

The web is very, very fine

But it is strong as steel

And it's so light that when we're touched

It's a touch we cannot feel.

Yet see that fat old bumble-bee

Enmeshed in a silver skein,

And see the web unbroken

By enormous drops of rain.

I like to see the spider work,

Floating across a space

Intent on carrying the web

To a far-distant place.

I like the neat geometry,

The triangles and the lines;

I like the shimmering silver

And the way the pattern shines.

A spider-web is a miracle,

So strong and yet so frail.

If only we could copy it, 

But on a human scale.


Central Park, Hyde Park, parks worldwide........

Sydney has its Domain.

A refuge from the heat of summer,

Greened by refreshing rain.

A vast expanse of gardens

There by the Harbour side

A place to wander and wonder,

And the City of Sydney's pride.

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