Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Ant Parade/Not Too Sad

                                  Brenda Bryant


Take a first, then a second glance!

Watch the Great Parade of Ants!

See them walking one by one

Along a metal 'leaf', for fun!

As they go in single file

Folk on pleasure-craft often smile

To see them seemingly diminished

Until their little trek is finished.

Sydney Harbour Bridge stands tall;

They'd be killed if they should fall!

Tied together in a line

They climb and clamber, rain or shine.

Go on! Watch them! Here's a chance

To see human beings as little ants!
Not our group but similar.


You ask me what has gone with the closure of the year......

Well, I feel a little sad but not enough to shed a tear.....

For some years now I've been running a little poetry group.

We've only been a handful, not an enormous troop.

But every poem chosen has resulted in discussion,

Regarding personal history or ones love-affair with a Russian.

(You can tell from the above that there's been a lot of rhyme!)

It's all been very gentle but we've had an enjoyable time.

We've been meeting in the local club in a comfortable room,

But now we've been relegated to a place that reeks of gloom!

The parking there is dreadful, the hall itself is vast....

When I heard about it I knew our days were past.

So I declared to the powers that be that the group would be no more.

'I took my ball and went home' almost slamming the door.

However, the group is meeting in an independent way.

Who needs an organisation? 'We're free', that's what we say.

We'll meet as ladies taking tea, with some poetry thrown in.

(Sometimes we're joined by gentlemen, but their numbers are quite thin!)

So, although I'm sad to see the old days go, they are not dead and gone.

We'll be a little sneaky, and simply carry on.

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