Monday, January 7, 2013

Blue Jeans/Toothsome


(For Smiling Sally's Blue Monday)


In 1853 in California

The Gold Rush was in place and at its height.

The people surging by their many thousands,

To find their fortunes, must have been a sight.

But shortages arose of common items,

Though travelling salesmen visited of course,

And that's how Levi Strauss happened to be there,

Having travelled with his goods on his old horse.

'I've canvas here' said Levi,'For tent-making!'

And he spread his produce out for all to see.

'Forget about the tents! We need strong trousers!'.

And everybody started to agree.

'The trousers that we have are all too flimsy!

We're kneeling! We're in mud! They rip and tear!

We need some trousers that are strong as blazes!

Bring us some good strong trousers we can wear!'

So next time Levi came he brought some trousers

That were made of canvas, almost strong as steel!

The miners liked the strength of their new outfits,

But they didn't like the way they made them feel!

'They chafe us!' they complained; 'We just can't stand it!

They rub us and we're feeling very sore!'

So Levi went back home again, quite thoughtful,

Thinking of other cloths he had in store.

In the end he had to send to France for denim,

A name derived from  French that meant 'from Nimes'

And when he made the pants with metal fasteners,

The Miners found them better than their dreams.

Blue denim jeans! They started very humbly,

But lots of new inventions start that way.

Blue denim jeans! They're now a fashion statement,

Worn by the millions at their work and play.

(140 characters only)

Angus got dressed for a date

But being the victim of Fate

Of all misadventures,

He dropped his new dentures

So now he's got half of a plate!

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