Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inebriation/Dublin Driver!

(For Sunday Whirl, using all the words in  blue)


I'm one of the few people in the world

Who's never been rolling drunk.

 I suppose that makes me sound like

An ascetic or a monk.

It's just that I don't like the taste

So a virtue I'm not professing

Although I've always found the fact

To be something of a blessing.

However, I've often wondered

How inebriation feels.

There's something about the thought of it

That, curiously, appeals.

To walk into a room

And feel monarch of all surveyed.

To spout ridiculous poetry

Not feeling a bit dismayed.

To sense diminishing control

And to welcome the release.

To feel  no sense of burden

Just nonsensical peace.

To see every house as a palace

Though ones steps are strangely tottery,

To wish for the impossible....

Maybe to win the lottery.

Suddenly it would all go blank.....

I wouldn't know what from which.

When morning comes would I wake up,

With  a headache, in a ditch?


I was in a taxi in Dublin and I nearly went off my head

When the taxi driver, Shamus,  went through a light that was red.

'Whatever made you do that?' I yelped, expecting calamity,

And Shamus calmly replied 'Oh that! It's a trick of my family.

We all go though all the red lights there are and so far were all thriving.

It's not much fun obeying rules! We have fun when we're driving!'

 Of course I felt very nervous as we went on through the town

And I felt relieved when, after a while, Shamus started to slow down.

Then I saw that the light ahead was green. The light was saying 'go'!

'Get going!' I cried to Shamus and Shamus answered. 'Oh....

I know that green means 'go' all right, but I dare not obey!

I might meet my brother Paddy crossing he other way'.

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