Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lost!/I Remember Winter



Oh the tragedy! ( Capital T!)

It goes on and on occurring to me.

Two socks plunge into the sudsy foam

But only one of the socks comes home.

In the linen basket they've clung together

Hoping to dance in the windy weather

Side by side on the washing line,

(But only if the weather's fine.)

They may achieve this first ambition

And blow in the air in a clean condition.

But, alas, they're not free from danger....

Their next pirouette is even stranger.

Into the tumble-dryer they go

And this may be their greatest foe.

They're tossed around like leaves from trees

Are tossed around by a boisterous breeze.

They're parted, joined, then swirled again,

And every parting brings them pain.

It's up and down and side to side.

Exhausted, one of them tries to hide.

Secretes itself right at the back

And after a while they loose the knack

Of being joined at the hip for ever.

The tumble dryer has seemed to sever

A great relationship . It's rather sad

After all the togetherness they've had.

But the socks themselves are never blamed

Nor the dryer with the one sock claimed;

It's always the housewife, in this case me,

Who comes in for the usual commentary.

'You've lost a sock again,' 'he' cries!

'This has ceased to be a big surprise!

Every week you lose a sock!

And I am in a state of shock.'

Meekly, I run the sock to ground,

Hunting high and low until its found.

An Agatha Christie Mystery

Is 'The Search for the One Lost Sock' by Me.

(from my English childhood)

Windblown trees and long-lain snows.....

Ice on the pond where no lily grows.......

Needles of rain from a dull grey sky.....

Threatening clouds way up on high.....

Everything dull and dark and drear.....

Remembrances from a long-gone year.

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