Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sharing/A Yarn


A chimpanzee , as you can see,

Is very much like you and me.

See how these two use chimp noses

To smell the scent of pretty roses.

See how they show they love each other.......

Are they friends or son and mother?

We're like them and they're like us,

Except that they make much less fuss!

They don't make bombs, or pollute the air;

They don't spread rubbish everywhere;

They don't waste time writing evil tweets

Or shooting at people in the streets.

Our brains grew much too fast, too quickly,

And the result is often sickly.

Look at this picture; get a glimpse

Of how happy we'd be if we were chimps!


A Highway Policeman was doing his job, patrolling the nation's roads,

Checking for stolen vehicles or far -too-heavy loads.

He suddenly saw a speeding car, bowling along in the sun.

The driver was clearly too casual, having a lot of fun.

He drew alongside and, bless my soul, he could see a lady sitting

Guiding the steering-wheel with her knees and casually knitting!

He wound down his window, gesticulating and not prepared to laugh.

'Pull-over! he shouted loud and clear and she yelled back 'No! It's a scarf!'

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