Sunday, January 13, 2013


Not Me!


All old people know the feeling!

You're walking along the street,

Feeling pretty normal

And light upon your feet.

Suddenly you see a reflection

In the window of a shop.

The poor old soul looks dreadful,

Almost ready to drop!

Her shoulders are hunched and drooping,

Her face looks rather sad.

You  think 'I'd hate to be her.

I'm not! And aren't I glad!'

Then, as you keep on walking,

You get a different view.

That pathetic old geriatric

Is actually YOU!


This  beach belongs to me!

No- one else allowed!

If you set foot upon the sand

Two will become a crowd.

Tyre-tracks make it obvious 

That others have intruded,

But now I am in charge of things

Not one of you is included.

Sun and sea and surf and sand!

And a deserted shore!

And I am the sole owner!

Who could ask for anything  more?


The Blog of Bee said...

Love your geriatric! Have to also say that your Mag last Sunday was superb.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

LOL! I love them both!