Sunday, January 6, 2013



Lie back in your chair, peaceful and serene,

Imagine, in your mind's eye, this pleasant rural scene.

Feel relaxed and drowsy, meditate a little,

Shut out every intrusive thought that's harsh or loud or brittle.

Feel your limbs grow loose and limp, and your mind grow eased.

You have found it, peace at last, and don't you feel pleased.

You breathe deeply, lovely thoughts flit butterfly through your mind.

This is peace, with not a sign of the scratchy or unkind.

You've earned it, this sweet begin to snore.....

Drat it! You can't believe your ears! There's someone at the door!.



The dark birds of the night and the bright birds of the day

Meet in flight on their skyward path ready to haste away.

The muddy river of the dark and the silver of the light,

Flow to the sea of destiny beneath the birds in flight.

The chequered fields, now black now white, are ready for the change.

Each day their colours vary; they do not think it strange.

In cottages and mansions lights flicker off or on.

It is the transition time and soon it will be gone.

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