Saturday, January 5, 2013

Post Haste!/Galactophagist

(For Three Word Wednesday)


Suddenly  I cracked.......

Of course, I'd seen it coming;

Anglina's chattering

Was absolutely numbing.

She whined, she sulked,  she talked non-stop,

And I found it such a drag.

But, worst of  all, as I'd found to my cost,

She was a terrible nag.

She'd told me I was idle

Many times before;

She'd mocked my conversation,

Saying I was a bore.

All this awful nagging

Made living very tough

And, finally, on Friday,

I knew I'd had enough.

We were driving along in the country

When Angelina said

'Stop the car at once!

Those flowers are a pretty red!'

She climbed out with her secateurs

In a very lonely place

I jammed my foot on the accelerator

And drove off at a cracking pace!

(For Jenny Matlock's Alphabe)


Are you a galactophagist?

I am,  without a doubt.

That cool refreshing drink of milk

I wouldn't be without.

If you are a milk drinker

You earn this funny title

So knowing what the meaning is

Is absolutely vital.

But there are some, I must admit,

Who find milk-drinking strange;

They think milk is for babies

And adults ought to change.

And it's quite true, in the animal world,

Water is drunk by the grown;

In the wild, milk-drinking adults

Are utterly unknown.

Nevertheless, I'm a milk-drinker,

I love each little drop.

And after drinking it for eighty years,

I don't think I'm going to stop.

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