Wednesday, January 2, 2013



(For Ruby Tuesday)


Robin Red-breast you're a fraud!

Your breast's not red at all!

You dazzle us with orange

When you're paying us a call.

We learned to call you 'red', my friend,

When at a mother's knee.

Now I see what true red is

I see you've bamboozled me.

Ollie Orange-breast you'll be called

The next time that we meet.

(But, since I live in Australia,

That would be an unlikely feat.)

(For ABC Wednesday)


Some say it's a spoof

But here's the living proof

Among the mountain snows.

An odd-shaped foot with toes!

And here's the clever trick......

Get yourself a pick

Place it by a print;

That gives us a hint

Of the size and shape

Without a measuring tape.

The footprint's very wide

Across from side to side.

The toes just number four

(And we grow just one more).

I must say I think folk are petty
When they say 'There is no Yeti'.