Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Domain/Music


Central Park, Hyde Park, parks worldwide........

Sydney has its Domain.

A refuge from the heat of summer,

Greened by refreshing rain.

A vast expanse of gardens

There by the Harbour side

A place to wander and wonder,

And the City of Sydney's pride.



I don't play an instrument but I do like to sing,

(Though the voice is not as pleasant a a bird's upon the wing!)

I sing in a local choir and in a drama group

(Although it has been said I sound just like a frog with croup!)

And I can vouch for music as a means to ease the soul

At times when fear and sorrow may have taken quite a toll.

Singing alone is great, of course, I warble in the shower.

(Even though the notes aren't right I sing with a certain power!)

But singing with one's friends has even more effect I've found;

Togetherness creates a really scintillating sound.

Take the men at the football, carolling as one

Some of them tone-deaf, no doubt, and singing just for fun....

The result is amazing harmony! As the notes rise ever higher,

One would think one was listening to a huge stupendous choir!

And if the chosen team should loose, once they have dried their eyes,

They can say 'Well at least we sang so that was exercise!'

So those of us not opera stars can sing with all our might

And, who knows, all our voices may make everything seem right.

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