Friday, January 4, 2013

Chameleon/Mr Plod


Clever creature changing colour,

From light to dark from bright to duller!

When you've landed on a leaf

The time is usually very  brief

Before you also turn bright green.

You're camouflaged! You can't be seen.

Then, if you're on a trunk that's brown

Your colour will start toning down.

Land on a stone that's dull and grey

And most of your colour will drain-away

I'm not aware that you can do

Any hue like pink or blue.

But still, even I you can't turn yellow

You  are really clever fellow.


*Sadly, since I wrote this verse

I've been informed of a fact perverse.

Chameleons change colour ........yes

But their cleverness is something less

Than I'd imagined. The background colour

Can be brighter can be duller;

It all depends on the creature's mood.

It just reflects his attitude.

(To the tune of 'Tannenbaum' otherwise known as 'Oh Xmas Tree'.)

I walk the beat

On aching feet

And I am very plucky.

And there are times

 I'm solving crimes,

That is, if I get lucky.

Though burglars work so silently

They still aren't any match for me.

I'll catch them out,

Without a doubt.

I'll find where they are hiding.
My heavy tread

Fills them with dread

They're shaking in their shoes now.

They squirm and quake,

For I'm no fake;

They've everything to lose now.

I am the Master of their fates

And every one anticipates

They'll end in jail.

I never fail

If they're not law-abiding.

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