Friday, January 11, 2013

Wow!/Reality Check

(For Imaginary Garden)


I wonder who said it first....

When and why and how.

Who first reacted to surprise

By letting out a 'Wow!'

The people who were with them

Must have done a double-take!

They must have turned with open mouths

And said 'For goodness sake!'

There has to have been a first time,

There is for every sound.

People said 'Gosh!' before the time

That little old 'Wow!' came round.

What will it be next time?

Buzz-words rule our lives.

Make sure you're ready for it 

When the next buzz-word arrives.

For Three Word Wednesday
(Who asks us to use the words in blue)


We were walking past a dress shop;

Ann was hanging on my arm.

I noticed a model in the window

And I thought 'What looks! What charm!'

She was tall and she was willowy

And, again, I glanced.

Her face was really lovely!

I was utterly entranced.

And there was Ann, my girl-friend,

Looking most unglamorous!

How had I ever fallen for her?

How  had I felt amorous?

Her hair was straight and mousy brown,

Her dress showed no sign of fashion.

How had I ever pursued her

How had a felt such passion?

Then I focused on the pair of eyes

Of the model........a vacant stare,

For all the brilliant figure

And the thick and  lustrous hair.

Then I looked  down at my little Ann

And smiled into her eyes,

Which were warm and brown and loving.

And I knew I'd won the prize.

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