Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Optical Illusion/Hey There!


I hope to cause confusion

With this optical illusion!

Whichever direction your eyes may take

You will see a writhing snake!

Round and round and intertwined

Joined together, you will find.

What is the cause I do not know

Yet moving round and round they go,

Four perfect circles! I wonder why

They manage to trick the human eye! 

This is baby is named Carter and he belongs to Nicolasa of (My) Persective.


Hey there, Teddy, will I be big like you?

Will I be all furry and be bright orange too?

I live with two pink people and I think that they look great

I'd like to look a lot like them......I can hardly wait.

Of course,  I'd like to be your friend because I think you're sweet,

But I'd be quite embarrassed to have your enormous feet!

My pink man is handsome; I like  his friendly eyes

And he has feet that look to me to be a perfect size.

I hope your feelings aren't too hurt. We'll have lovely games;

I'll give you lots of cuddles and call you funny names.

But I want to be like Mummy and like my Daddy too.

But there'll be some love left over.....a little bit.....for you

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