Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cure/Again
(We are asked to write a resolution associated with poetry.)


It's something of an obsession, this desire to follow memes.

I find that I am mesmerised by all the many themes.

When wake up in the morning after a dreamless night

My very first thought is 'I must check to see what I HAVE to write'.

I feel compelled to answer the calls and react to the suggestions!

This obedience leads me in many differing directions.

I cannot do the washing-up or even make the bed

Because of all the silly rhymes that are circling in my head.

I cannot plan the menues or walk down to the shops,

Because of the demand for rhyme that never ever stops!

But now, without a psychiatrist, I think my problems solved.

It's the time for resolutions and I am suitably resolved.

Tomorrow morning, as ever is, I 'll turn my back on rhyme.

I'll concentrate on housework  and life will be sublime.

From henceforth my house will sparkle, my blog remain unfinished,

My reckless attitude to poetry will be actively diminished.

I will return, my reader friends, to an absolute state of grace.

I resolve to live a meme-less life this space.


'Everything old is new again'.....

We all know that old refrain.

Each generation feels quite sure

Things have never been done before.

Everything's 'awesome' these days, I hear,

Well, let me make it perfectly clear,

That, in my young day, we chose the word

'Smashing........equally absurd.

And what are these 'skinny jeans ' I see?

They look like seventies jeans to me!

Everything is a new repeat,

Even the shoes on young girls' feet.

But  in my youth there were 'doodle bugs'

And none of these recreational drugs.

So not everything is new again.

(They'll  have to alter the refrain.)