Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hope/Cradle Snatching

(After Patience Strong)

The winter clouds come surging back

Depriving you of cheer.

You thought you were recovering,

But it's a chilling time of year.

Yesterday you were full of hope,

You thought your heart had mended,

But, alas, grey skies are here

The winter has not ended.

So it will be, the broken heart

Heals a little, bit by bit;

The puzzle may seem solved one day,

The next, pieces just don't fit. 

But take heart from the budding leaves

Set stark against the grey.

They grow and grow toward summer

However bleak the day.

One day they will be a richer green;

They'll spread out to the sun.

And then we'll know uncertainty

Is over and all done.

A mending heart is like a leaf

That buds against the grey.

Little by little it's proving

That there will be a sunny day.


 Carl was over fifty and in a rather desperate state .

For many months  he'd trawled the bars looking for a mate.

At last he saw a likely lass looking rather cool

Perched in a rather provocative pose up at the bar on a stool.

He sidled up, pulled his stomach and said his opening line

''How lucky we should meet like this! I think you are divine!

Where have you been all my life?' (Couldn't he see her seething?)

'A lot of the time ' she tartly said

'I'm pretty sure I was teething!'

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