Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liked Logo/The Falmouth Packet


I love logos; they always interest.

When I see a clever one I really am impressed.

This one from Landcare Australia really hits the spot;

It tells its tale so cleverly, we understand what's what.

It's about humanitarian aid both here and far away.

And I think it says everything that a logo ought to say.


I went to Falmouth once

When the Tall Ships were in port.

Big boats, little boats, rowing boats,

Craft of every sort

Were buffeting on the choppy waves

To get close to the sails,

And seagulls were whirling in and out

With the brisk wind in their tails.

The Tall Ships were majestic

And the focus of the day,

But I remember most of all

The happy crowds and the spray.