Thursday, January 17, 2013

What a Shame!/Infinity


There was a time many years ago

When little dancing girls could show

Panties in a coquettish way

And there was no-one around to say

'I wouldn't trust that old granddad!

I think his motives must be bad!'

Throughout a very long teaching career

I loved to hold the children near

If they were hurt or feeling sad,

And no one thought me odd or bad.

Yet teachers now must do high-fives

Incase they ruin little children's lives.

Of course, there were rat-bags way back then,

No doubt there were some dirty old men,

But everybody wasn't suspected.

Now common sense is often neglected.

Suspicious children are so sad.

Should this one say 'Close your eyes, Grandad!'


I have a feel for infinity. I have a picture in my mind

Of all the endlessness of things with our universe left behind.

There'd be another universe and beyond that another one,

With a trillion suns each one more large than our poor puny sun.

Universes unending, universes without stopping

With silly little worlds in each like stupid bubbles popping.

I can't believe in one universe that has a finite end;

The thought of nothingness beyond just drives me round the bend.

I have a feel for infinity, though it's beyond immense.

Multi-verses I can cope with because they make more sense.

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