Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday/Heaven


If we hadn't travelled across the sea

Think how very deprived we'd be!

Greg would not have met Michelle,

And lives would not have turned-out so well.

No grandson Max, no grandson Harry

If Greg hadn't found Michelle to marry!


How do you see Heaven? How do you visualise

That ultimate destination floating up there in the skies.

Is it like where you are now, with drawbacks all excluded?

Is it like your childhood home before real life intruded?

Is it white and cloudy? Will you play a harp or two?

Will all your best relations be on that same cloud with you?

Will you be six or sixty? Will there be tennis courts?

Will your ex husband be there but minus all his faults?

Will it go on for ever? Won't you be a little bored,

When that excellent glass of wine is poured and...... poured and....... poured?

Its not a theme that occupies me; to me death is the end,

So I don't need to worry about what  is round the bend.

But you with expectations must imagine what's ahead.

I'd love to see the pictures that you see there in your head.


Margaret Gosden said...

Michelle looks lovely! Happy Birthday Michelle!

Grace said...

Happy birthday to her ~

And I think Heaven would be many things that is ideal and perfect ~

Have a good week ~