Friday, January 25, 2013

Fagin/Talk Show


Did you know that you could fagin?

I bet you'd no idea!

Although the name is known to you

As a verb it sounds quite queer.

We all know the Dickens character

Who appeared in 'Oliver Twist'.

After all it's been a major film

And the book's  on each reading-list.

Now Fagin was the character

Who led boys into crime.

He plied his trade in the back streets

Amid the London grime.

As a surname it's not surprising;

As a verb it is a surprise.

So we can say for this villain.....

It pays to advertise.

(An Acrostic)

Tut tut! Too bad! Good God! Not that!

All it takes is a bit of chat!

Lust and love and lies abound

Kiss-and-tell is often found!


Sudden revelations wow!

How did it happen? Tell us how!

Oh my goodness! You don't say!

What gossip will we hear today?

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