Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tasmania Today/Oasis

(For Sunday Whirl)

We are asked to use the words in blue.


(A news flash)

Little Tasmania is on fire....not all of it, of course....

But bush-fires are sweeping the island with a terrible fiery force.

No-one dares to venture where the fire is at its worst,

With every breath one fears ones lungs are just about to burst!

All is a  bitter tumult; one sees with awful clarity

The scourge of Australia's summers, the dread familiarity.

Tasmanians awake to warnings; they listen avidly.

The fire-practice they're familiar with is their security.

They step outside and are giddy with the heat that's in the air.

Within an hour the fire will arrive and they must not be there.

Australia is a pleasant place; there's a great deal to desire,

But oh the dreadful summer heat and the threat of


* Tasmania is only 'little' by local standards. It is actually about 3/4 size of England!


If your life's a desert full of stark unfriendly sand,

Never look at Facebook and think 'Ah, help is at hand'
You may notch up ten thousand 'friends' and they are fun, indeed,

But will any of them rush to you when you're in your hour of need?

We mustn't neglect our life-long friends, our books, our idle dreams

For something so intangible, quite real though it seems.

If the Internet one day collapsed and Facebook ceased to be

How many of your Facebook friends would keep you company?

How many would write a letter, with a stamp on an envelope?

Hardly any, I'm certain; you'd simply have to cope!


Gemma Wiseman said...

O what a post! Tasmania is dear to my heart! I lived there for 2/3 years and didn't want to leave! But full time work was hard to find there in the north so I moved to Melbourne! I have been watching those fires in Tassie and feel for those people suffering!

Great poems! And did love the Facebook spin!

Stan Ski said...

Hot stuff!

xinex said...

How interesting!...Christine

SmilingSally said...

You really hit the nail on the FB head! I agree, Brenda; FB is no place for "friends."

Happy Blue Monday.

brenda w said...

Nice post. thanks for exploring Tasmania...I loved that piece.

Mama Pajama said...

two very different pieces, well done. I liked the stark reality of Tasmania (well, not the part about warnings and evacuations), against the simple (but funny), mostly truthful observations about social networking sites. I, for one, use that site to keep in touch with friends overseas - so much less expensive than a phone call, and way better for sharing pics of our kids! also great for keeping abreast of international news that doesn't usually hit the mainstream.