Thursday, February 10, 2011

Window on Water


Outside the heat is blistering;
In here the air is cool.
There's the gentle ripple-ripple
Of the lovely turquoise pool.
With the sparkle of the sunlight
Twinkling in each direction
We can build a little fantasy
Of weather-wise perfection.


Einstein was a clever man, it's true.
We should listen when tells us what to do!
'Don't ever feel you must
Rid your windscreen of that dust.
Look what a touch of genius can do!
If you let the dust increase until it's thick,
You can do this quite astounding little trick!
You can brush and you can scrape
Any quite amazing shape
Re-creating any character you pick.
Now, I'm a man with quite a lot of brain!
A hose would send the dust right down the drain!
Much better you conserve it!
You must know I deserve it!
I shall last until the next downpour of rain!'

1 comment:

Geoff Maritz said...

Wow! Realy amazing actualy. Some people are so creative. a truly great post. Geoff.