Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ludicrous Limerick


"Write a limerick using the word 'edge'"


There was a young fellow called Reg,
Who insisted on jelly with veg!
But he got quite a shock
When folk started to mock
And it tipped him right over the edge.



'Grandma' said five-year-old Johnny, with the innocence of youth,
'If I ask you any question will your answer be the truth?'
'Certainly, dear' said Grandma, 'I'll answer you all right'.
'Well, what do they call it' said Johnny 'When people in the night
Lie one on top of the other?' Grandma did a double-take!
She took a look at Johnny and said 'For goodness sake!'
But, being a modern lady, she decided to come clean,
And tell her little grandson what such situations mean.
She decided too that no-holds-barred was the easiest way to go;
In for a penny, in for a pound and also blow by blow!
She started with the birds and bees and progressed to human kind;
She drew him little diagrams ..... whatever came to mind.
Johnny hung on her every word; you could see he was impressed.
So Grandma got quite carried away and told him all the rest!
'I must explain to Jimmy!' the boy announced at last;
So he dashed next-door to Jimmy ....... but he came back pretty fast.
'Jimmy's Mum says she wants a word! She's pretty mad!' he said.
'She says when people sleep like that they call it
A bunk bed!'
PS. I don't make-up the jokes, only the rhymes!


Anonymous said...

Poor Reg and poor Granny. LOL! Great stuff :O)

Maude Lynn said...

Yes, poor Granny! That is really funny.

JamieDedes said...

Thanks to SIS at JP Poetry, I know where to come for a chuckle.


Happy Poetry Potluck days ...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious, and so true. I was looking for your Poetic Asides sonnet, to tell you that I love it dearly - I feel exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Rinkly, I ncan't work out why my comments don't come up - are they in moderation? Or lost forever?

Someone is Special said...

LOL.. Nice Limerick.. You have a surprise here

Someone is Special

Nanka said...

Reggie's veggie's made him edgy!! Poor fella :)