Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Practically Perfect

'essence, practical, dare'


I wish that I were practical!
I wish that I could wield
A hammer and a chisel
Or plough a rustic field.
I cannot open tin cans,
I cannot paper walls,
I cannot tat or crochet
Or run-up home-made smalls.
I do not dare get busy
With a gimlet or an axe,
And I often need assistance
When I'm working out my tax!
The essence of my problem
Lies in parentage, I fear,
For neither of my parents
Were practical, that's clear.
But I've found there's always someone
To do these things for me,
All I need to bleat is 'Help!'
And, with alacrity,
Practical people swarm around
To show me what is what
Proving they are everything
That I, poor thing, am not.
So my job in life is obvious!
Maybe I can't build shelves,
But I do make other people
Feel darned good about themselves.
When they're comparing themselves with me
They're certain of their worth.
Maybe that's why the cack-handed
Are the true salt of the earth.



I've been completely captivated
By an article which stated
That there's a charge of elctricity
Which can be tapped from a growing tree!
Not enough to save the earth
But an amount of a certain worth.
Enough to power small alarms
In bush-fire-threatened spots, like farms.
At the moment men patrol
Watching for bush-fires; that's their role.
There are also alarms which are quite expensive,
Covering areas more extensive.
If we used the power of a tree
It's small alarm, periodically,
Sending items of information
Back to the main fire-fighting station,
We'd be saving many an hour
Of man-hours and expensive power.
I'm very keen on this because
In a bush-fire country such as Oz
The looming summer holds a threat
That mankind hasn't defeated yet.
Let's hope it's not a vague pipe-dream
That never gets to the world's main-stream!
I'll listen and wait because, you see,
I like the word 'electricitree!'


horse and moon said...

lovely poem !!!

Deborah said...

I loved the 3WW, so true! ... and as for 'electricitree', fascinating and delightful :o)

Lilibeth said...

A very well-written poem that was humorous and clever. I loved it.

Altonian said...

I will bet that all those practical people cannot write poetry the way you can.
Two absolutely brilliant examples of your art - a joy to read - thanks.

Altonian said...

I'll bet all those practical people cannot write poetry like yours. Two great examples of your art. Thanks.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love this maybe that's why the cack handed are the true salt of the earth.
I'm not good at a lot of those things either but can fix things using screwdriver other tools simply because I used to watch my Dad so there is truth to parentage.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, you'll find remarkable similarities to our poems, although yours is filled with endless whimsy and humorous self-deprecation.

Happy 3WW! Peace, Amy

Old Egg said...

Your poem has given us "all thumbs" people such a boost. I am starting to feel good about myself again particularly with those damned cans!

Beautifully written as usual.

trisha said...

fabulous duo. the points you stated in the first one are quite interesting. :)