Friday, February 4, 2011

If You Can Get It!

Merewether Beach New South Wales



'Nice work if you can get it!'
Just lazing in a booth all day!
Gazing out over the ocean
In a desultory way!
No doubt drinking cups of tea
Or chatting on the phone!
Just about the cushiest job
That I have ever known!
But wait! Is that a swimmer
In trouble?  In a rip?
Some tourist who's been venturesome
When taking his first dip?
All hell breaks loose! The sirens sound!
The calm's replaced by strife!
The Lifeguards suddenly appear
Intent on saving life!
'Nice work if you can get it'?
Guardian Angels, in a way.
Essential on our beaches
On a sunny summer's day.

Girls and boys come out to play!
Rules are broken for today!
All those years of gruesome studies,
Dictated by old fuddy-duddies!
Up till now I've had to learn,
Aiming for the time to earn,
Time to earn that lovely money.
I found learning far from funny!
Out into the world I go
Now to get that lovely dough!

1 comment:

Darlene said...

I'm just catching up on your clever rhymes. You have a delightful imagination and I am always amazed at how innovative you are.