Saturday, February 19, 2011



The words in blue are from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.
The sentiments are my own.


'Parting is such sweet sorrow', yet, when that's what you're suggesting,
There isn't much sweetness about it! It seems you may be divesting
Yourself of 'Carry On Tuesday'! How can you be so cruel!
I'm always longing to light a fire and your prompts provide the fuel.
I look for suggestions weekly and do my very best
To follow-on your phrases and suggestions with the rest.
You feel you're not appreciated but, dear Keith, you surely are.
In this corner of Australia you're considered a shining star.
'Microfiction' gives me pleasure; 'Three Word Wednesday' is a treat,
But 'Carry On Tuesday' is a meme that's very hard to beat.
Who knows; without your input, my rhyming might run dry.
If that occurred I think that I would roll over and just die.
Do you want to be responsible for the death of a poor old dear?
(I'm twanging on your heart-strings! Go on! Shed a tear!)
Please, please, reconsider, at least for just a while!
Being heartless and vindictive simply is not your style!


A Poem for Children

I've an ice-cream island in my mind
Piled with ice-creams, every kind.
High and wide and shiny bright!
Ice-creams, ice-creams pink and white
An ice-cream island in the sea
With all the ice-cream meant for me!
What a vision of delight!
Ice-cream, ice-cream, pink and white.
On my bike I'd like to ride
Round and round and side to side;
Here a lick and here a bite!
Ice-cream, ice-cream pink and white.
An ice-cream island! Oh what fun!
But what would happen in the sun?
My ice-cream island then I guess,
Would dribble away in a gooey mess!
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Gemma Wiseman said...

How can Keith possibly ignore this marvelous plea!

The only problem is, you have left the link to Watery Wednesday on the COT website, not this link! I found my way here to this post via the labels on your sidebar!

Have a great weekend!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Back again!

I have posted the correct link for you!

Nanka said...

Hope Keith does not turn a deaf ear to your entreaties!! Loved your earnest humble request!! Surely COT will go on :)

Gloria said...

Well said! And I've only just discovered the wonderful Carry On Tuesday....I sure hope it doesn't go away!!! Maybe I can entice some others to come over and check it out. They will certainly enjoy clicking on your links as your weekly responses are so delightful!

RJ Clarken said...

Well said about Keith and Carry On Tuesday! And wonderful writing, too!