Monday, February 14, 2011

The Urge



Human-beings can't resist the urge to re-create.
Toward the oddly quirky they feel bound to gravitate.
No doubt this tea-bag timer is a practical device,
For a tea-bag treated casually just isn't very nice!
Since time immemorial we have found that tastes in dunking vary
And a tea-bag under or over dunked can make us feel contrary.
To be able to time to the second the amount of dunking time
Makes this a wonderful idea, verging on the sublime.
But....... why should it be a penguin, and in a top hat too?
A simple unadorned device could what he can do.
It all began with knitted cosies to cover pots of tea;
Someone thought a house design would fit delightfully.
Since then, the world's gone crazy for all sorts of hairbrained schemes;
Everything is something else! At least, that's how it seems!
Look around your kitchen and you'll get a surprise!
What's the betting something there is wearing a disguise?

(The words in blue are from John Lennon)

Love is the flower you've got to let grow.
Maybe the seed is deep in the snow.
Maybe the bud is tightly curled
And the nascent leaf still coyly furled.
Maybe the flower fears the frost,
Fears that its blossom will be lost.
Maybe it doubts that it will last
If it yearns for the blazing sun too fast.
Wait and wonder. Love has the power
To grow, in time, to a bounteous flower.


Kay L. Davies said...

A decidedly quirky mellow yellow teabag-timer, and balanced by a blue inspired by John Lennon... great post with your inimitable verse, Brenda. I like it.
('Why a penguin?' I don't know, but I love penguins.)
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Jane said...

Cute little gadget, thanks for sharing:)

Marie said...

Tea-bag timer. LOL! Never heard of it but it´s just sooooo cute.
Happy valentine.