Monday, February 28, 2011

Eucalytpus Haze


The gum tree has painted Australia
In shades of glorious blue.
Wherever the eucalyptus grows
The colour of the sky breaks through.
This is the Hunter Valley,
Which is very near where I live.
It's an area of natural beauty,
But with something more to give.
Under these spreading vineyards,
In sight of the gum-tree blue,
Coal-mines spread their fingers
Sometimes spoiling the view.
Newcastle, my home city
Exports much more coal
Than any other port on earth,
But, of course, it takes its toll,
Not only on our countryside
But on the Earth at large;
We're adding to Global Warming....
That's the oft-heard charge.
I long for the day when Energy
Is something we can renew,
And the Hunter Valley is only known
For its vines and its gum-tree blue.

                   Margaret Gosden 


The red sun sinks as the white moon rises.
I stand ankle-deep in the silvered water
That washes over the paling-pierced sand.


Fay Campbell said...

I especially like Awash. Gives me hope somehow.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

This is lovely, Brenda. :-)

Margaret Gosden said...

What a beautiful print and a succinct poem! Each complements the other....even if I do say so myself! Thank you my long time friend!

SmilingSally said...

I love those blues, but I've never heard of gum tree blue.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

the blue mountain is cute.
well done work,