Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Letter 'F'


The turbulence was frightful, the plane was in a spin!
The roaring wind was lashing with a truly ghastly din.
The passengers were seated, they were belted, they were grim
For they felt their chances of relief were very very slim.
One woman in the front aisle suddenly stood upright,
An expression on her face of the most soul-destroying fright.
'I'm going to die! I'm going to die!' she yelled for all to hear.
'I tell you, everybody, that, for us, the end is near!
But before I die won't some man make me feel that life's worthwhile.
Come and make me feel like a woman! Right here, on the aisle!'
For a second nothing happened then a handsome man arose!
He strolled towards her down the aisle unbuttoning his clothes!
He was wonderfully handsome, very tanned, with thick black hair
And his muscles rippled as he walked! All she could do was stare!
'Yes! Yes!' she gasped as he neared her, forgetting all her fears,
The sound of the storm around her was no longer in her ears.
He strolled down, quite unhurried, aware of his manly grace,
Conscious of the great desire painted on her face.
He moved till he almost touched her and whispered in her ear.....
'I'll make you feel like a woman!
 Iron my shirts! Get me a beer!'


With what meticulous care
She had coiffed her lovely hair!
And brushed her lashes, till they framed her eyes!
She'd worked for hours on lips
And delicate finger-tips,
And her dress had been right colour and right size.
She had brooded over shoes;
Which ones should she choose?
Flat shoes, maybe, to make her look petite?.
She had chosen her perfume
So it's fragrance rocked the room;
It managed to be passionate but sweet.
The matter of  bouquets
Had taken several days
For Mother had opinions of her own,
And the little bridesmaids dresses,
(So they both looked like Princesses,)
Had been made to set exactly the right tone.
They all said, when she arrived,
That she'd certainly contrived
To make herself a picture of perfection,
And her bridegroom felt so proud
When they turned round to the crowd,
And she smiled a painted smile in their direction.
But then, a fickle breeze
Came cavorting through the trees
And tossed her veil and hair in disarray.
And everybody said
As the wind whirled round her head
That she'd never looked so lovely the whole day.

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Mike was lucky enough to have great weather during the first part of his trip, but he's returned from Adelaide to Newcastle to find it rather grey and blustery. Anyway, we decided to spend the morning at Honeysuckle, along by the river. We first of all had a fish lunch down near the Fisherman's Co-op, at Mangrove Jack's, where we were able to admire all the boats, and enjoy a meal of freshly-caught leatherjacket, and then we walked to the ferry-boat harbour where we had icecreams to round-off the excursion.

Few people were lunching by the water today.
Braving the breeze.

The ferry was just coming in under leaden skies.
The little boys came round to see Mike after school.
I managed to take this gorgeous shot of them together.
In the evening we had a delightful time at friend Joy's where the Book Group met to discuss the latest book, to eat tasty refreshments and to put the world to rights. Unfortunately I took my camera but forgot to use it.
But.......'There is no joy unmixed with woe'
Everyone at the Book Club meeting was devastated by the news from NZ. We really do feel like cousins here and almost every one of us has visited the 'pretty' city of Christchurch. Now to see such devastation is heart-rending. It wasn't a big quake, but it hit the city-centre at mid-day so it's results are awful.


Lois Evensen said...

It appears you had a good trip. Such fun!

We, too, are watching the devastating news about NZ.

Sylvia K said...

Great trip indeed! Happy for you! The news from NZ is sad indeed! Fun post for the F Day -- that's one realistic way to deal with someone's fear!

ABC Team

Berowne said...

You really turn out some quality rhyming!

Roger Owen Green said...

and the earthquakes have been terrible news.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay L. Davies said...

Loved the funny ending to your first poem, Brenda, and the oh-so-true ending to the second.
Heartbreaking about the earthquake. I wonder how many of the world's recent disasters can be attributed to global warming? Surely some, if not all. I wish I had been a better student in my long-ago science classes.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

fabulous word flow...


Hildred said...

Great rhymes, - love the ferry, but am saddened by the news from New Zealand.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Delightful twist in that first poem! And love how Nature fixes our sense of beauty with an ironic smile!

New Zealnd is constantly on my mind at the moment! My husband is from Christchurch. He was checking on family until late last night! They are shaken but fortunately safe!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Oh, that first poem, Gal, almighty. That was good. I knew something unexpected had to be coming, but not that ending. Hillarious! I liked the second one, too. I just hope the bride realized how beautiful she was.

jabblog said...

You pack so much into your blog posts and they are always a joy to read.
I laughed at the stereotype in your ABC verse - I really wondered where it was going!
I think it will be several days, if not weeks, before the true number of fatalities in Christchurch is known. The Antipodes are certainly having a rough time.

Unknown said...

Brenda, the poems too funny, the photos of family not too fancy, the news from NZ tragic.
Helen Mac, ABC Wednesday Team

photowannabe said...

The horror of the earthquake is ever present on the news. I feel such sadness for the loss of life and destruction.
On a lighter note, I loved your two poems. Giggles and sweet smiles. Good stuff Brenda. Oh yes the picture of your 2 boys is wonderful too.