Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Place Where We Live.


We live in a place where eleven million little children die
Before they even reach the age of five!
We live in a place where 40 million people live with AIDS;
They do not 'live', rather they just survive!
We live in a place where every 15 seconds a child dies
Because of the filthy water that it uses.
We live in a place where millions live on less than a dollar a day;
Suffering degradation and abuses.
We live in a place of comfort where we can afford to blog
And buy expensive toys for tiny tots.
We live in a place of plenty where the shops are full of 'stuff'
And the children sleep in comfort in their cots.
Their place and ours are different as the chalk is from the cheese.
And our excuses seem a trifle lame.
Isn't it odd that there's just one planet! This world belongs to all.
Their place and ours should really be the same!


An acrostic suggestion from Acrostics Only.)

Nights are bleak with scarce a light;
Owls are frozen in their flight.
Reindeer roam on the open plain;
The snow is simply frozen rain;
Humans dare not sally forth.
Here we are in the frozen North.

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