Friday, February 25, 2011

Municipal Magic


All praise to the Municipal Gardener
Who pretties-up the town,
Who makes a splash of colour
In earth so rich and brown.
Who takes a plot on the corner
Outside The Junction Fair,
And digs and hoes
And then plants rows
Of flowers for me to share.
All praise to the Municipal gardener,
Whose back must sometimes ache;
Who gets blisters on his fingers
From spade and trowel and rake.
This verse is just to thank him;
I appreciate his role!
The vibrant hues,
The reds and blues
Splash colour on my soul.



Elsie and her husband were golfing on the course.
They couldn't stand each other; they were heading for divorce!
Elsie wasn't bad at golf; at times she was the goods.
But, this day, she hit her golf-ball into the darkest woods.
While fumbling in the grass she found a frog caught in a trap,
It seemed so sad to see the creature suffering this mishap!
'Poor little frog!' cried Elsie, 'Come! I will set you free!
With the spring released the little frog soon hopped about with glee.
'I am no ordinary frog!' he said ' I look quite tragic
But now I'm free I'll prove to you that I am really magic!
Three wishes I will grant to you, health, wealth, long life and such,
But, you see, your husband's going to get exactly ten times as much.'
Elsie considered for a while then said 'I understand.
I have a generous spirit. Proceed as you have planned!'
'Then wish!' the frog exhorted her ' For soon I must be gone!'
'I wish for glorious beauty!' cried Elsie, 'Bring it on!'
Immediately she was lovely as any flower in spring!
Well' said the frog 'You husband's pleased! In the handsome stakes he's King!'
'Now I wish for great wealth' cried Elsie, ' I want money bags galore!'
'Remember!' once more said the frog,'Your husband gets ten times more!'
Soon Elsie was surrounded by enormous bags of gold!
'What a lucky husband!' said frog 'He's wealth untold!'
'Now, finally' said Elsie,' Since you have this clever knack,
For my final wish, please give me a very small heart-attack!'*


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Yesterday we drove to Murray's Beach, an area which was new to me, for lunch. The weather was sunny but delightfully cool, only 25 degrees C. so we had a pleasant time strolling around the footpaths of this relatively new lakeside area, admiring the distant water views.

I snapped Mike and Malcolm from above.

And Mike awaiting a tasty lunch in the Murray's Beach cafe.

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