Saturday, February 26, 2011

Predominantly Pictures


I'm not entirely certain
But I'm pretty sure it's true
That graphic fiction aims
To make life easier for you.
Should Tolstoy prove too taxing,
Should Shakespeare numb your brain,
You can read the tale in picture-form
And thus escape the pain.
Now a comic is a comic;
That I can quite accept,
But why should a novel be 'comicised'
Just because you're inept?
(The 'you' I refer to isn't you ........
I'm sure you're literate!
I'm sure you'd never take 'King Lear'
And try to 'Twitter' it!)
Great writing is much more than plots;
The language is paramount,
And Graphic Fiction, it seems to me,
Says language doesn't count.
I think it must be very rare
For someone to start with pictures
And then turn to the literature
With its academic strictures!
If we asked 'Will you now read it?'
They'd respond  'No I will NOT!
Why should I plough through all that stuff
When I already know the plot?'
So it's a case of 'either/or'
And, though my understanding's hazy,
I feel that Graphic Fiction's
Just a way of being lazy.


Sally answered her phone one day and heard the voice of a man.
Without the slightest preamble his rigmarole began.....
'Darling! I haven't slept a wink! I love you to distraction!
I know I was out of line last night! I regret each foolish action!
You're the only girl in the world for me! I'm speaking on my knees!
If I agree to your demands will you marry me please!
I agree to the triple-diamond ring, the one with the highest price.
And yes, your mother can live with us! I think that would be nice!
And yes, we'll buy that penthouse on the Gold Coast right away!
And yes, I'll even say those words, 'I promise to obey'!
Of course we'll have the reception on an ocean-going yacht!
And of course I'll be signing over half of everything I've got!
You know I love you madly. Please, please, please say 'Yes!'
And Sally replied 'Of course I will!...... Can I have your name and address?'

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maryt/theteach said...

I like your book cover, Brenda! :)