Saturday, February 19, 2011



This little blog is quite surprising
As I'm not into advertising.
But suddenly I'm enthusiastic
About two 'products' I find fantastic.
One's brand new, the other not,
But let me tell you, both are 'hot'!


Remember the title of this book.
I have yet to take a look,
Because it's launch is on its way,
And so it's in the 'pending' tray.
I know the author's mother well;
Hence I'm doing this hard sell!
To the launch I've been invited
And I am feeling quite excited.
I'll have my fifteen minutes of fame'
Merely 'dropping' the author's name.

The book's been pre-sold overseas,
So watch out for it, bloggers, please!
Jaye Ford is the name to keep in mind.
(I might even get a copy.......signed!)

"Beyond Fear' should be available on-line any time soon.



Product Two's not literary,
But I'm enthusiastic.....very.
First a personal remark.....
I am a sufferer from plaque.
Not only are my arteries 'hard'
But I always have to be on guard
From plaque that gathers round my teeth,
Those above and those beneath.
Now Serrapeptase has been around
For years and years, so I have found,
But it was completely new to me
When I took it for my malady.
Has it helped my arteries? I don't know;
I'll see what future scans might show.
Has it helped my teeth? Without a doubt!
Not a scrap of plaque! I live without
All those scratchy 'concrete' grits
That used to irritate me to bits.
It's six months now and not a sign!
Me and my teeth are doing fine!

Now for the scientific story.
An insect has covered itself in glory!
This little silkworm is on the verge
Of flight, and is struggling to emerge
From its hard shell-like cocoon.
It will be a moth quite soon.
And what does it use to make a hole?
Why! Serrapeptase!* Bless my soul!
For Science has copied the silk-worm's trick
And given all things 'plaque' the flick.
But wait! There's more! Research will show
That there is more for you to know.
I don't want to leave you in the dark,
If you're a sufferer from plaque.

*Trade name
Should you find this product difficult to obtain in your area contact my local provider at this address
and a supply will be mailed to you forthwith.

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