Friday, February 4, 2011




I bequeath to you my genes,
(You know who I'm talking to),
Though I've no say in the final mix
I shall pass-on to you.
You and others down the line
Will mix and match and merge
Until my genes are a tiny part
Of babies that will emerge.
If only you could choose the bits
To save or cast-away,
But genetics cannot be controlled;
Life doesn't work that way.
In the future Science may allow
Lady Luck to be defied
But, by that time, my little 'bits'
Will have scattered far and wide.
In the here and now it's a lottery
In which we're all involved,
And it's been that way since the dawn of time,
When this old earth first evolved.
So I live in the hope my substandard genes
May fall by the wayside soon;
My 'no sense of direction' gene
Has never been a boon!
The 'double-chin' gene is a wretched one
That has made me feel non-plussed;
And the gene for 'taking offense' is one
That should certainly bite the dust.
But I hope the gene for 'love of words'
Goes on and on and on.
And the gene for 'wild enthusiasm'.....
I'd be sad if that were gone.
The gene for 'long life' ...... there's a gem
That I'd love to bequeath to you.
Good luck with my genes in the future!
(You know who I'm talking to.)


QUIET CORNERA touch of Victoriana,
Though no-one wears a bustle,
And through the windows clear to see
Lies all the modern hustle.
'The Metropole', in Katoomba,
A little old-time hotel,
Where the beds are clean and comfortable
And the owner feeds us well.
Where time for the morning paper
Follows a breakfast feast
And the awful headlines fade away
And don't worry us in the least.
Up in the Blue Mountains,
Among the hilly mists,
We find that the past enfolds us,
And serenity still exists.


Susannah said...

I love that, it is so true. If you have 'bred' you will be passing on your genes, and we all have inherited our ancestors genes!

Two great poems, I always enjoy your writing.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love your bequest!!!:) Terrific!

Brother Ollie said...

ah a treu legacy..nice RR

flaubert said...

A wonderful legacy.

Paula T. Calhoun said...

Wonderful, wonderful poetry! Our styles are quite similar in maany respects, so I doubly enjoyed them! If you have time or the inclination, some of my "Odes to the Everyday" might be of interest to you. They are in my project of the same title found on WEbook. The link to that project is:

I look forward to reading your work regularly!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love your bequest to future generations - it has your trademark humour, but is filled with poignant thoughts. A very special poem.

mark said...

What a fascinating concept. I like that...

Ella said...

I love how you expressed the bits of your genes and how we are the lottery~ A wonderful expressive piece~