Monday, February 28, 2011


They're lost in the jungle and getting in a flap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!
Little Billy Bunny says 'I hear a thunder clap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
Leonardo Lizard says 'I think this is a trap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
Katarina Kitty says 'A monster's teeth might snap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
But Daddy's got a problem...........................
 'What a terrible mishap!
I mustn't let the children know
 I can't read a map!'



Mummy, why is water wet?
Why isn't water dry?
Mummy, why do fishes swim?
Why don't fishes fly?
Mummy, why are clouds up there?
And not down in the sea?
Mummy! When I'm old as you
Will you be as old as me?


Lyn said...

Love both these witty and fun! "Why" is just plain smart!! Thanks..

Elaine said...

I really enjoyed both your posts, but especially "Why!" Deep questions coming from the heart of innocence. Well written.

Sherry said...

hilarious take on this week's prompt. made me smile xo

Reflections said...

Love both of these poems very much. Smiles.

signed...bkm said...

Oh no can not let on..Poor Daddy - maybe he can figure it out before they starting wondering....very cute rhyme.....blessings...bkm

Deborah said...

I loved the Mondays Child ... and Why? :o)

Unknown said...

Lovely poems, Brenda.
I make it a point to NOT read your post, or anyone else's, until I have already posted mine. I would have not been able to write anything if I had read your lovely poem 'Lost'. It is brilliant! I would have gotten writer's block and given up!

I could not get my text to rhyme, so I just wrote a plain prose story.

I love the names of your characters!
Great use of repetion too. I don't know why I don't think of these things...

Best wishes,
Anna's Monday's Child #35

vivinfrance said...

greatfun repeating poems. So reminiscent of when my children were little.