Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold Hearted

supplied the prompt


I drew a picture of your heart,
The one you offered me,
The one that you described as just as
Loving as could be.
But I didn't draw on paper
With passionate purple ink,
And I didn't add some roses
With their petals palely pink.
And I didn't climb up in the clouds
And draw your heart up there
It's outline etched in fluffy clouds
Up in the blue, blue air.
I drew your heart in melting snow,
With footsteps stomping round,
A heart as cold and devious
As the bitter winter ground.
And tomorrow, when the thaw arrives,
Your heart will disappear.
The sun will obliterate your heart,
And I won't shed a tear!



Don't walk behind; I may not lead.
I may not constantly succeed!
I'm not your brilliant shining star!
Don't follow after from afar!
Don't parrot all my conversations,
Or head for all my destinations!
Pedestals can be so daunting,
And there's nothing that I'm flaunting.
Admiration? Adoration?
Both are great in moderation.
But notice that I've feet of clay!
And then present your sweet bouquet!
Don't walk in front; I may not follow.
Your protestations will be hollow!
Not everything you say is right!
And some remarks are tinged with spite!
As we trudge along the track
I'm constantly looking at your back!
I agree that you're quite clever
But do you listen to me? Never!
'Do it my way!' that's your phrase.
You never think of giving praise!
How can you declare you love me
When you think so little of me?
Just walk beside me, be my friend;
Both must support and both must bend.
You have your strengths, I have mine.
Let us, in friendship, both combine.
Sometimes I will lead the way,
Knowing what to do and say.
Sometimes I'll be taking heed
Of your strength and desire to lead.
Equal partners? That's ideal,
But perfection is unreal.
Let us aim to do our best
And let affection do the rest.


jabblog said...

I love both of these! I like the idea of the cold heart being obliterated. 'A heart as cold and devious
As the bitter winter ground' - delicious imagery!
'Just walk beside me, be my friend' - isn't that what we all wish for, to accept and be accepted with uncritical affection?

Reader Wil said...

Here is food for thinking! I like both your poems. Thanks for visiting.

We can do without electricity if we want. Try camping in a tent on a a survival tour.

Bubba said...

Brenda, I love what you did with my Monday Photo Prompt! (And such an apt title for my snowy pic!)

Brrr! Those last lines are chilling indeed!

(The other one was very nice as well!)

Thanks for joining in. I hope you'll be back next Monday!

Kathe W. said...

yeah! Stomp on that cold heart!
and the other poem is perfect- just walk beside me- isn't that what we all desire.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed both of your poems. The cold hearted one brought a smile to my face - I'm not all that romantic, I guess. lol

Thanks for being a wonderful addition to the Weekend Writer's Retreat.

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