Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Guard


As regular readers of my blog must already understand,
I am against religion; I think it should be banned.
Individuals find solace, but I feel society
Would be better-off without it, in perpetuity.
So the idea of Guardian Angels is something I find strange.
For one thing the organisation must be tricky to arrange!
Is there one Angel per person? Or do we have to share?
Do the Angels have a choice regarding the person in their care?
If a very saintly Angel were allocated a crim,
Would she still guard him carefully and do her best for him?
Are Angels normal people who, after they have died,
Move up the ladder of success and are finally Angelfied?
Or did they start out as Fairies and graduate over time
Beginning as merely magical and ending-up sublime?
I know I'll lose some Followers with this caustic little rhyme!


A thousand-year-old poem.
References I couldn't really comprehend.
A translation
That may or may not
Have reflected
The views of the poet, entirely.
And yet it spoke to me.
Steeped, as I was, in biblical references,
Through my family's intense involvement,
In Christianity,
It was like a gale
Sweeping through my life.
As it has swept through the lives
Of so many others.
It was
The Rubaiyat
of Omar Khayyam.
Speak of poets...
Quote him.
Speak of philosophy....
Refer to his teachings.
Consider astronomy....
He mapped the stars.
Talk of algebra.....
He dissected the topic!
What a man!
And his message?
To live life to the full,
Without any inducements;
To embrace the present
And accept oblivion.
Now I learn that he is barely known in Iran,
Which once was his Persia!
What would he make of that?
My copy of the Rubaiyat
Is thumbed and faded now.
In a good cause.


Mary said...

Ah, we may differ in philosophies, but I so enjoy your art, caustic or not! There is room for all!

Peggy said...

Frankly, I love your guardian angel poem! And Omar K is what we once called a cool guy I think. I was never steeped in Biblical religion so there was not a lot of that for me to be swept away but I remember liking reading him.

Mike Patrick said...

Don't think you will lose any readers for that. Love your since of humor.

gautami tripathy said...

I love your guardian angel poem...!!

angel of shadows