Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sad Case

supplied the prompt


Dear kind and friendly Bloggers, please listen to my plight!
I suffer from terrible catarrh, morning noon and night!
You must have heard me snuffling and snoring all the time.
The squashing of my poor old nose is tantamount to crime.
Can you believe my ancestors were wolves, both wild and free?
That's almost unbelievable when you take a look at me!
I know my name is Churchill, to remind folk of the fact
That Winston was a 'bulldog' until Hitler's power was cracked.
But I don't look heroic, with short legs and splayed-out toes;
And then, of course, there's the little matter of my poor old squashy nose.
'The squashier the better!' the breeders always cry;
'The nose becomes more squashy; the value grows more high.'
But breathing is an effort, even more now I am old;
It's rather like a human having an ever-present cold!
Dogs are such faithful creatures! But look at this malformed face.
He isn't 'best in breed' at all; he's just a very sad case.


(An acrostic and an even sadder case)

No-one wants me; no-one cares!
Every night as I climb the stairs,
Ghosts from days gone by assail me,
Laughing at me as they fail me.
Everyone I loved has gone.
Children, too, have all moved on.
Thoughts of joys that used to be;
Etched upon my memory.
Daughters leave us as they grow
Even sons get up and go!
Love was such a part of life;
Desire, for husband as a wife.
Eagerly I braved each day;
Romance, would always find a way.
Still I remain, alone, bereft.
Why go on when nothing's left?


Geoff Maritz said...

Both very sad but in truth a better day awaits even the lonely. God bless the elders in our ailing world and Lord while you are at it remember our so faithful friends the dogs too. Lord I am happy to be even just a dog under your table just so I can be near you. Geoff.

Jan said...

Oh, that is so sad, but it really sounds well.

Bubba said...

I don't know how I overlooked this one initially. Interesting response to the prompt.

Don't worry about the bulldog, he was actually in great shape. He was on the beach (the sand made his toe splay out) and looked fatter than he was because his posture was so relaxed. It was a warm day and he was tired from playing with the kids.