Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sceptic


The words in blue are a quote from Arthur Rubinstein, the pianist.


Although I'm not at all astute
Two statements I must now refute;
They may make sense to the like of you,
But I feel that they are untrue.
"Love life and life will love you back."
Now long ago I learned the knack
Of loving Life ! Yes, often voicing
All my reasons for rejoicing
In Life, with all its imperfections,
Tossing me in all directions.
And Life returned the compliment;
And Life and I were quite content.
But now life's drawing to an end;
Will Life (with a capital) remain my friend?
Will Life say 'Give her extra time;
Treat her as though she's in her prime;
She loved Life! Give her a prize!
Put-off the date of her demise' ?
Will it heck! Without a doubt,
Heedlessly I'll be snuffed out!
"Love people and they will love you back"
Another quote from the almanac!
And what a selfish point of view!
'If you love me then I'll love you.'
Learning to love the folk who hate us;
Ridicule us and berate us;
That's an emotion to be admired;
That's the attitude that's required.
I've tried, but I've never quite succeeded
And my efforts have not been heeded,
But still I've felt I should be pleasant
To people considering me unpleasant.
To love, demanding returned emotion
Seems a very unworthy notion.
So, Arthur Rubinstein, you and I
Definitely don't see eye to eye.

(an Acrostic)

'Put your hands together'
Religious people say.
'Ask for anything you want;
Your God will find a way.
Everything is in his hands.
Relax! He will take care.
Every penitent understands
God always answers prayer.'

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Gloria said...

I so identify with the first part of this poem. I'm hoping for that extra time myself! ;)