Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Fishing Bridge


One feels that life's a gentle thing
When the Powers That Be take the trouble
To build an extra little bridge,
Making the crossing double.
The higher bridge is for traffic,
The lower one for fishing!
Would that all of life were as civilised!
Oh well! Only wishing.


She lost her head over Billy Best!
I always said he was a pest!
But no! She couldn't see his faults!
She kept on turning somersaults!
Showing-off and being silly
Every time that she saw Billy.
Just because he had a tan
She felt he was her chosen man!
Just because his muscles bulged
She felt that he should be indulged!
Just because his hair was curly
She phoned him late, she phoned him early.
Just because his teeth were flashing
She thought him debonaire and dashing!
Just because he was so tall
She felt that they should have a ball!
Just because his voice was mellow
She thought he was her sort of fellow!
View this picture and realise
Going overboard isn't wise.
Give affection with discretion
And never give the wrong impression.
Never lose your head, my love,
Or you'll end up like her above!

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Maude Lynn said...

A fishing bridge? I love it!