Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Wish


The words in blue are the first words of a poem by Cortney Kuchta.


If I could have just one wish I'd be utterly perplexed.
I'd stand there looking vacant till the Wizard shouted 'Next!
Can't wait for you all night you know! There are others in the line!
You're wasting everybody's time! And that's all very fine.
You're banished, with your wish unwished! You can't make-up your mind!
Magic would have been offered me and I'd have, seemingly, declined.
Every wish is a poisoned chalice, or so it seems to me.
Perfection may be promised but, in reality,
A downside always features. An example....'Give me youth!'
I'd miss out on the grandkids and I'd hate that, that's the truth!
And so it goes with every wish in every circumstance.
So I wish for no more wishing.
I'll just rely on chance.


Three times in the dead of night
Rang the telephone by my bed.
The first ring woke me with a start,
The second with awful dread.
The third ring left me paralyzed,
Unable to move at all!
I simply couldn't stir myself
To answer the phantom call!
And then the ringing stopped.... like that!
All was silence in the room.
I lay there breathing heavily,
Still with a sense of doom.
I waited for another ring,
Lying stiffly, with eyes wide.
Surely the caller would ring again
If somebody had died!
The moments passed, the silence
Stretched on and on and on.
Whoever had been calling me
Had obviously gone!
But what if it were a burglar,
'Casing the joint' maybe?
Checking to see if I were home
In order to burgle me!
My silence must give him the hint
Of nobody-around.
But what if he came because of that!
Surely I'd be found
Cowering in my narrow bed,
The sheet up to my chin,
And he might be a rapist burglar!
What a pickle to be in!
I lay there in a zombie state
Until the dawn of day
And then the telephone rang again!
It was Caroline to say
'I rang your number by mistake
In the middle of the night!
I've rung now to apologise!
Did you get a fright!'


Gloria said...

On "One Wish" - I would have to agree with your phiosophy. What will be will be and that's as it should be. :)

On "The Call" - I'd kill her!!! LOL, I would have been scared out of my skin!

I really enjoyed both of these!

Tracey said...

LOL! I loved this "A downside always features." Truest words of be careful what you wish for. "The Call" - excellent. The very reason why I don't have a phone in my bedroom!! :-)

Kodjo Deynoo said...

lol, how to choose, what better to choose..I like this

Peggy said...

I'm afraid I'd do the same if I were offered one wish. Guess I have too many fighting to be first in line. I also can relate to the downside of wishes poem. Guess I am glad no one is offering me just one.