Monday, February 14, 2011

The Competition

                     Jutta Ash

supplied the prompt for Verses for Children


It was the day of the Birdland Fair;
All the birds from the woods were there.
There were swings and roundabouts by the lake
And a competition for
The Best Bird Cake.
Every bird had done its best,
Working away in its kitchen-nest,
Where birds all go to stir and bake
And try to make the
The Best Bird Cake.
Tilly Titmouse said 'Mine is best!
Mine is the one that will pass the test!
All the others are merely fake!
Mine for sure is the
The Best Bird Cake.'
And, certainly, it was very grand,
With bright pink icing on every hand,
Tilly wasn't prepared to give and take
When it came to judging the
The Best Bird Cake.
Tilly joined in the great parade
To show the judges what she'd made.
Oh yes, oh yes, there was no mistake;
Tilly's, for certain, was
The Best Bird Cake.
But pride must come before a fall.
Her cake was heavy and wide and tall.
It began to shudder and then to shake!
It fell on the ground,
That Best Bird Cake!
A little black bird, who had made a bun,
Showed the judges what she had done.
Though she was only a humble crake
She won the prize for
The Best Bird Cake.


Let's go down to the lake, lads!
Let's dabble our little webbed feet!
For the morning air
Is fresh and fair
And life is very sweet!
We'll appear to swim so smoothly;
The effect will be somewhat lazy,
But out of sight,
With all our might
We'll be paddling just like crazy!


California Girl said...

Two lovely poems. Great visuals, lots of fun. Are you a Robt Louis Stephenson(SP?) fan?

Reflections said...

Fabulous - both of these... whimsy, love, pride... all bundled into a spectacular package.

Deborah said...

I loved The Best Bird Cake, and I loved 'We'll be paddling just like crazy!' just lovely :o)

signed...bkm said...

What a wonderful bird tale...and with a wonderful moral to the story...this is a children's book waiting to happen...bkm

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

lovely tale.