Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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Some memories are too painful to revisit.
Some heartaches go too deep to be repaired.
Some guilt is etched forever on the psyche.
Some pain is too distressing to be shared.
So many times I've lived, in dreams, the torment,
With no-one else to whom I could confess.
Though others wondered at my tortured manner,
They never guessed the cause of my distress.
I was a jealous lover; I admit it.
That's why I prowled the house in search of proof.
For days I had been racked by my suspicions;
Your manner had become a touch aloof.
And there they were, the letters in your handbag!
The letters that confirmed my deepest fears.
I read them one by one then, with my lighter,
I set fire to them, though I was blind with tears.
I stumbled from the room! I left the building,
And, only looking back, I saw the fire!
So many of us tried to reach and save you,
But those letters soon became your funeral pyre!
Everybody understood my dreadful anguish.
I left the country, hid myself away;
Returning never seemed to be an option,
Yet, here I stand, in agony, today.
For sure the old house would have been demolished!
A brand new suburb must have been designed,
For fifty years can cause so many changes;
Now was the time to leave my pain behind.
I wandered down the lane to where 'it' happened;
I felt there were no ghosts for me  to meet.
I saw the brand new house and hesitated......
Then I glanced down at the brick path at my feet!
(A Blogger called Celeste has a pet rat!)

What a wonderful word 'crepuscular'!
Did you know it applies to me?
My friend Celeste
Pronounces it best,
With the utmost fluency.
I like to sit on her shoulder,
When she's writing big words down,
Then I start to squeal
About getting a meal
And I'm off into the town.
"Is it dusk or dawn?", I ask her,
"Not too dark and not too light?
I'll be safe and sound
Running all around
If conditions are just right."
I can scuttle about in the shadows,
Before the sun appears,
For I feel afraid
Where there isn't shade!
When it's dawn I forget my fears.
Cats roam about in darkness
And then they go home to sleep,
I fear cats because
Of their teeth and claws!
With cats I know life is cheap!
Hawks rule the skies in daylight!
They swoop out of the blue!
I find it's wise
To avoid their eyes!
I know what talons can do.
Yes, the dawn and the dusk are friendly
To a little rat like me.
That's why I say
Keep your night and day!
I live 'crepuscularly'


Kat said...

MEMORIAL: Sounded real dramatic..!! Luckily these days emails would prevent such pyres :-)))

Reflections said...

Demons of yesterday, angst ridden nights... tormented... so well written. Nice magpie.

Louise said...

Held my attention to the end. Good one!

christine said...

Memorial... such a life time written in prose. Sad but oh so deep.I loved the beauty of this.

dustus said...

Memorial touches on many emotions and the sentiment holds the readers attention very well. Nice write, Brenda

gautami tripathy said...

pleasure to read, as always

Chris G. said...

In memorial, memory...tormented visions of a past, long gone. It is strange, how a glimpse of brick, a momentary wander, can take us years down the trail. Life reverberates in this one, as sad as that life could be - quite emotional. Well-writ.

My one critique: I'd advise against the exclamation points. Personal pet peeve of mine I think, but still, I don't think anything's lost in just periods. When they're over done they lose some of their effectiveness anyhow, and the message is as striking, without deliberately popping and shouting.

Tess Kincaid said...

Long live the brick path.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

sad and powerful..

peace and love with you.

Kristen Haskell said...

What a poetic story you created here. Very interesting and most enjoyable to read.