Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Cheek!


This sort of 'naughty' illustration
Belongs to a certain age,
When 'saucy' was a much-used word,
And innuendo was the rage.
The pubescents of the present time
Would find this really boring,
And the thought of lobster involvement
Would surely set them snoring!
Now, when everything is 'out there'
And, also, 'anything goes'
They wouldn't see the purpose
Of this titillating pose.
But so much was forbidden
In the time of which I speak,
That the thought of a little waitress
'Turning the other cheek'
Would have sent boys into paroxisms
Of lascivious delight.
They'd have feasted on the memory
Way, way into the night!
When people are repressed,
(And I should know, for I was there,)
Silly little things like this......
Dainty underwear,
Accidental 'touchings'
A whiff of perfumed air,
The brushing up against one
Of a lock of wayward hair,
Are electrically exciting!
So don't pontificate
About the boring lives we led.
Leading them was great!
(Prompted by a hint in a Handy Hints book!)

Heading for a night of love
Or a passionate interlude?
Spray perfume on the light-bulbs
To get 'him' in the mood.
The heat that emanates therefrom
Will last the whole night through
And, best of all, he'll always think
The scent has come from you!
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Margaret said...

Both are wonderful. And I will try the perfume on the lightbulb. LOL But after 20+ years, my husband will probably say "What smells?"

Sweepy said...

Oopsy woofsy!
Can I look now?
Seriously, can I look now?

Marie said...

Gosh! LOL!!! Just awesome my friend.

SmilingSally said...

The first picture might have come from a guy's calendar!

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

LV said...

I think it is cute regardless of having a short skirt.

joyh82 said...

Cute nostalgic print and I love the cute and handy tips. Have a great week!

neteller casinos said...

The matchless answer ;)