Monday, February 14, 2011

A Thousand Years


In one thousand and eleven a seer had a vision
Which was received by everyone with laughter and derision.
For he declared 'In a thousand years men will have wings and fly;
They'll circle the earth in giant ships that will zoom across the sky!
Messages will fly through Space as quickly as a thought,
And moving pictures will appear of people playing sport!
All knowledge will be accessed by the pressing of a key,
And babies will be born without any clear paternity!'.......
He would have continued longer but they  burned him at the stake
For talking utter rubbish! That was a big mistake.
In two thousand and eleven a seer had a vision.........
(They tell me the seer also announced, before he dropped his clogs,
'Old ladies will get hours of fun by writing things called Blogs'.)


People of old, before high tech, used to gaze up at the sky
And read the portents written there, way, way, way up high.
I went out one day last year and stood and sniffed the air,
Saying 'That's a very cold, windy sky that I see up there!'
And, sure enough, the very next day the wind began to blow,
And the air was thin and icy as though it were going to snow!
Of course, it never snows here, but it does up in the hills
And then we feel the aftermath which is bleak and full of chills.
So maybe I'm a mystic, whose words are always truth!
I'll curl up by the fire, I think, and practice saying sooth!


Old Egg said...

Well you certainly have lots of fun in amusing us with your writing. Another enjoyable visit.

Christine said...

I absolutely love this.

Lilibeth said...

It does seem like we live in a different millennium than our grandparents did when you look at technology in the last one hundred years and compare it to the thousand before that...poor soothsayer.

Mary said...

Your first poem gave me a laugh!! Old ladies amusing themselves by writing blogs. LOL.

erer said...

heheh oh super cute!! :D

especially the last line about old ladies hehe!

Altonian said...

No qualifying comment needed - your poems are a sheer delight.