Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never Judge

Jack Nicholson


'abrasive, handful, loss'


Never judge a book by it's cover;
Jack Nicholson may be a honey-pot;
It's only when we see him on the silver screen
That we decide that he is not.
He comes over as so abrasive
And a handful in many ways.
His alarming teeth dismay us,
As does his Saturnine gaze.
That may be  just a screen persona;
He may have to pretend like mad;
He may find it hard acting tough-guy;
He may be 'good' playing at 'bad'.
Whereas someone like Jimmy Stewart,
Who came over as a honey-bun,
May have been a thorough bastard
Finding playing at sweet was fun!
He may have kicked the furniture
Before he went on-stage;
He may have been consumed with fits
Of the most unlikely rage!
We tend to believe the portrayal
We see up there on the screen.
I wonder how many alter egos
There have actually been.
'He doesn't look like a criminal'......
How often I've said that,
When it's the TV news time
And a 'crim's' what I'm looking at.
We like things in neat little boxes
And a sense of loss is felt
If people don't look the way they should......
It's hitting below the belt!


Picture Brenda, fast asleep.
Sleep is dreamless, calming, deep.
The situation soon will worsen
For that poor old 'rinkly' person!
Suddenly she shoots upright
In the middle of the night.
Agony! It's come again!
She is quite engulfed by pain.
Left leg stiff as any plank!
See her give her calf a yank.
See her wriggle, moan and writhe!
(She who once was oh so blithe!) 
See her gnawing on her lips!
She really feels she's had her chips.
A groggy leap down to the floor!
Not too agile that's for sure.
See her march and walk and stamp.
Anything to shift the cramp.
Tears have come into her eyes.
The muscle still looks twice its size!
Now she sits down on the bed,
Pulling up her toes instead!
Pulls them far as they will go!
Does that help at all? Oh no!
Massage now, that's good to try.
Now she kneads, with a whimpering cry.
Will she ever get relief?
She's biting on a handkerchief!
Suddenly there's relaxation.
The leg goes limp.Oh jubilation!
Back to her bed she crawls, misused,
With a leg that's feeling battered, bruised.
A leg that tomorrow will still feel sore,
But at least it's not knotted any more.
Dear Bloggers, do you know a cure?
I can do with one for sure!
Since writing this one I've found Quinate and my nights are cramp-free.


Linda Jacobs said...

Love your references to specific movie stars!

Glad you've found relief from your leg cramps!

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said:lovely a so true don't judge abook by it's cover or by what you see in on the screen.

Jae Rose said...

Ouch - is it leg cramps? If it is lying on a cold floor is said to help..Love the poem about filmstars too..we will never know..Jae

chiccoreal said...

Dear RR: Definitely a "Jack" person. Yes, looks can be deceptive, and with Jack, "ya never know what you're gonna get". That's the fun about Jack, the unpredictability, although he often plays the good boy gone bad by way of that quirky personality of his! Love him and this poem about Bad Jack! The leg cramps are a dreaded nightmare! I heard that too much calcium can cause this and that b vits help or some other vitamin or mineral. There is definitely a cure for them, let me look and find, yes online! (hey I rhymed!)...I love rhyming but not that good at it. Talent +++!!!

geraldgee said...

Ibufrofen ointment does it for me. xx

Ramesh Sood said...

Loved these writes.. one learns here..

Altonian said...

Read Kirk Douglas's 'Ragmans Son', he'll tell you of the character of sainted James Stewart. We must let the actors act sometimes though.
Leg cramps? Horse liniment, otherwise known as Wintergreen ointment might do it.

Lilibeth said...

How many people fall in love with a stage persona? You have posed a lot of interesting questions here.

Kat said...

NEVER JUDGE: If it isn't below, one is hit above the belt... either way, one's hit..!! :-(

Old Egg said...

Actors are after all actors, and the parts they play in no way mirrors the man (or woman). They are being somebody else when we see them whereas for myself sadly what you see is what you get!

Always a delight to visit.

kolembo said...

You really are excellent. I love your choice of words and you make poetry out of everything. Even a cramp! I'll listen to my mum more closely when she complains about her led giving her trouble through the night.

Ren said...

Did you ever hit the nail on the head with the celebrities lol Great use of the words.

Have you tried Tiger Balm? Works wonders...

Dee Martin said...

I always wanted to meet Jack Nicholson - I just think he must be funny as all get out - unlike leg cramps. I hate those things. I eat bananas - that seems to help some. Love write as always. Your writing is superb :)