Sunday, February 6, 2011



How I'd love to express my humility!
How I'd love everybody to say
' It's amazing that she is so humble
When she could act the opposite way.
She's got wealth, she's got looks, she's got power;
She's got beauty and wit; she's got charm;
She looks young but her wisdom is ageless;
She's serene with an aura of calm.
She writes books and her dress-sense is faultless;
As an athlete she's rarely out-classed.
Her cooking is tastily perfect
And her repartee's rarely surpassed.
You'd think she'd be proud as a peacock
And strut about sneering at us,
But no, she's so humble and modest
Self-effacing, rejecting all fuss!'
I'd be humble as humble, I promise!
I'd never be stuck-up or proud;
I'd hide my light under a bushel
And merge with the rest of the crowd.
I'm waiting to prove my humility,
But humility seems for the birds.
I'd deny all my attributes gladly
But nobody says the right words!



Tamed, the grapes which once grew great with juice.
Tossed away, the leaves once tossed by the hot winds.
Captured, the essence of the long summer.


Ramesh Sood said...

Yes Humility needs to be proved.. in today's world.. very well written.. just wondered if I would be lucky to get your blessings on my 200th post..

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about 'your' attributes. I am humbled to read them. Fun words, images and poetry.

Teri C

Anonymous said...

Hope - was what I found between your lines. Thank you. Please have a wonderful new week.

daily athens

Geraldine said...

I agree with Ramesh, humility does need to be proved and tested, again and again. What an interesting interpretation here.

The Write Girl said...

I love your rhyming ways! I enjoyed your thoughts on humility.