Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today's words: stress, juicy and figure


Why, oh, why does the gutter press
Add to all the strain and stress
By emphasising all that's cheap
And every nasty crim and creep?
Don't they know that copy-cats
(Sometimes well-known diplomats!)
Read the headlines and decide
That they will read them as a guide
To evermore increasing 'grot'!
Papers not only print the lot
But emphasise the juicy bits,
And fill our heads with bums and tits!
(Well, not me; I'm past all that!
But you know what I'm getting at!)
So long as profits are getting bigger,
And the total's a nice round figure,
Morality is quite forgotten
And all the news gets simply rotten.
They act disgusted. That's pretence.
I cannot write in their defence.
Why, oh, why does the gutter press
Fill our minds with ugliness?



Children in the dark
Like to scare each other,
So long as they're not too far
From the comfort of their mother!
"They mostly come at night
And it'll be dark soon,
And tonight there are no stars
And no light from the moon.
Their eyes will shine like lamps
While their talons claw the air
And a million writhing snakes
Will frame their faces just like hair!
Their jaws will be dripping blood,
Their tongues will be oozing slime!
Their hideous hairy faces
Will be covered with venomous grime!
Their voices will shriek with vengeance
And they'll chase us down the track............."
Mum's made soup for supper!
I think we'd better get back!



Jae Rose said...

the press and 'bums and tits' pretty much sums it up..Jae ;)

Christine said...

When a 26 yr old murder trial gets upstaged by a 9 yr old youtube sensation, the news looses it credibility in my eyes.
I read somewhere that scaring and spooky stories are all healthy and necessary to our growing up. I don't know, I'm still scared of the dark, and I'm 44.
You've described a child's imagination wonderfully.

Margaret said...

You AMAZE me. Do you have a book of all your poetry? The plethora of material you have in astounding and so witty. I struggle with freeform for goodness sake, let alone rhyming. Your are an inspiration.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said:wonderfully true
Love both.

VL Sheridan said...

Wonderful stuff! It's always good to run home to mum.

Old Egg said...

You are so right, I stopped the paper a few weeks ago I was so fed up with it!

Really loved the scary one and getting home safe to Um and food!

(p.s.. venomous)

shail said...

Creative use of the prompts for a lovely take on the situation today, gutter news from the gutter paper for the gutter people.

Loved the second one too. Very cute!

trisha said...

fantastic pair. the second one was terrific!


Lilibeth said...

Yes, you oh so accurately described the fed up feeling I have with not just the written press but television also.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I'm a journalist, been one for 30 years. But this new social reporting is not for me.