Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eccentric Endeavour

Someone has to be the first in any new endeavour.
Some may be simply foolish, and some just very clever.
Someone had to take the risk and be the first to try
Throwing themselves from a pinnacle into an empty sky!
Base-jumping is a hobby I would never have embraced.
"What! Jump off that there pinnacle! Certainly not my taste!
Free fall and then just parachute? Are you out of your mind!
To be the first to try it it, I'm simply not inclined!"
Then take the egg, a curious thing, looking like a rock,
Someone had to taste one first and risk an awful shock.
It might have tasted terrible! The taster might have died!
But, somewhere, there was someone who stepped right up and tried.
If I'd been prehistoric I never would have dared;
Friends could have called me cowardly but I would not have cared!
"What! Eat that thing! It looks so hard and it's full of jelly stuff!
I'm hungry, yes, but look at it! I'm just not brave enough!"
Many of life's pleasures have been found by those who've 'tried';
But some have been disasters and the trying-types have died!
I'll simply wait here patiently while others do their worst.
I'm a follower, not a leader!
I wont try anything first!


Life is awareness.
I am sure that
When I cease to be aware
The world will end.
Why should the sun bother to rise
If I am not there to see it?
Why should the world bother to spin
If I am not there for the ride?
The age of the universe will
Exactly match the length of my life.
Because my awareness
Has created it.
And my aware life is eternal.
My mind can only know life;
Therefore I shall know
Life without end.
And if it has no end
It is
Everlasting Life!
Even as I am thinking
'Here comes Death'
I shall be alive.
My brain will not tolerate Death.
And neither will I.
Death is the absence
Of awareness.
If I am unaware,
I am not dead.
I am nothing
In nothing
And of nothing.
There will be nothing of which to be aware.
Because it will have all ended with me.
You see, I made the whole thing up
In the first place!


Kathe W. said...

some of us are brave souls and other foolish. I have never jumped out of a perfectly good airplane ...BUT! I did have children! I enjoyed both your pieces! Well done!
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photowannabe said...

Well done. I am the world's # 1 chicken. I would be right there behind you.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the first poem, the one about firsts, Brenda. I can't imagine jumping off a cliff or out of a plane.
And the second one made me laugh. I reminds me of some people I know, and also of Warty Bliggens the Toad, in the book Archy and Mehitabel. Warty Bliggens believed the world had been created for him.
Nice laugh for the day! Thanks!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Wanda said...

I'm OK being a follower. Especially after ready your clever poem.

Roger Owen Green said...

ouch is right; I'M not going to be the guinea pig!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I don't' know if I would consider base jumping an eccentric endeavor, but you are so right! Someone not only had to think of it (and other first endeavors) and then have the nerve to do it.

Unknown said...

You most certainly know how to grab a smile from me with your Eccentric Endeavor poem. Great one for the letter E. :) Now that you have my full attention I must yes I must follow your blog too.

jabblog said...

No, I'm never first either - at least, not often.
What is Life? I think, therefore I am . . .
Both are splendid rhythmic verses!

Unknown said...

Great verses on the virtues of not being the first! I am so cowardly I will not on roller coasters!
What is life made laugh, thank you!
HelenMac, ABC Wednesday team